The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) accepts volunteer applications every fall semester from University of Minnesota students entering their 1st year in the following graduate/professional programs: Dentistry, Healthcare Administration, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medicine, Nursing*, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Public Health, Public Health-Nutrition, and Social Work.  University of Minnesota Law students can also volunteer at the PNC through enrollment in the elective course, “Community Legal Partnership for Health Clinic.”  Although volunteering at the PNC is a 2-year commitment, students entering their 2nd or later years in their respective programs may still be considered for volunteering in clinic on a case-by-case basis.

We are only able to accept applications from students currently enrolled in the graduate/professional programs mentioned above**.  If you enroll in one of these programs in the future, we strongly encourage you to apply at that time!

Please keep an eye out for information from your U of M program or on this website in the fall.  Applications open around the beginning of the fall semester and are typically due during the 2nd or 3rd week in September.


*Bachelor’s of Nursing students can apply during their 3rd year in the BSN program

**2 undergraduate students each semester (typically Spanish Studies majors/minors) have the opportunity to volunteer at the PNC as Spanish interpreters through enrollment in SPAN 3404, “Medical Spanish & Community Health Service”.  Placement at the PNC through this service learning course is not guaranteed.